USA’s FCC permits hot-car radar sensors to save children

The USA’s Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has paved the way for new in-car radar-based technology to monitor for children left in dangerous, hot cars and trigger alerts that could save lives.

The FCC’s Office of Engineering and Technology granted six waiver requests from equipment manufacturers and automakers to supply and operate these in-cabin radars in the 60 GHz spectrum band.

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“These waivers from the Federal Communications Commission will enable important in-vehicle sensing technology to further the auto industry’s goal of saving lives,” said John Bozzella, president and CEO of industry association Auto Innovators. “We appreciate acting chair Jessica Rosenworcel making this a priority and allowing use of this spectrum to deploy innovative safety technologies, including technologies that can help detect a child left in a vehicle.

“As part of its commitment to a safer and smarter future, the industry is working to reduce pediatric heatstroke fatalities through advanced technology, public awareness efforts, and a 2019 commitment to equip vehicles with rear seat reminder systems by Model Year 2025.”

Jessica Rosenworcel, acting chair, FCC

“Technology is providing new ways for families to help keep their children safe,” said Rosenworcel. “That’s why I’m proud that the FCC can play a…

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