Former all-state QB Johnny Davis brings toughness to Wizards

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Jamie Dixon thought it just might have been a Wisconsin thing at first. Here was this kid — lanky, solid, but not particularly stocky — who nonetheless never shied away from contact, who seemed to welcome it, even. He held a defensive stance like his quads never burned and stalked around on defense like a burlier man. Dixon, the TCU coach charged with leading Team USA’s U-19 team in the World Cup last summer, chalked up the strong, silent personality in front of him to Midwestern roots. Salt of the Earth and all that.

He didn’t find out Johnny Davis was an all-state high school quarterback until after Team USA brought home gold.

“Everything kind of made sense — he had the physicality, had the toughness, had the winning attitude, leadership. Quiet leadership,” Dixon said. “I could just see improvement was coming. I always thought guys that played two sports in high school have more room to grow, more room to improve.”

Davis’s time with Team USA marked a turning point in his basketball career. Before, he was a talented freshman out of Wisconsin, a sharp scorer who became the Badgers’ top reserve despite limited preparation because of covid-19 restrictions and a roster crowded with seniors.

Drafting attitude and position need, Wizards land Johnny Davis at No. 10

After the summer of 2021, Davis returned with a little more swagger. He had spent his time at the World Cup playing alongside Chet Holmgren and Jaden Ivey, the…

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